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We are adventurous.
We take challenges head-on.
We put users at the centre of all our plans.

Sony Joy Sony Joy
Sony Joy
Founder & CEO
Co-founder MOBME & Startup Village. Passionate about tech, mobile & startups. Loves cars, music, design & travel.
Anoop Sarkar Anoop Sarkar
Anoop Sankar
Loves Android, Python and Ruby. Superstar in brewing Java. Apart from work, interested in travelling, movies and writing.
Mohamed Galib Mohamed Galib
Mohamed Galib
VP - Innovations
Problem Solver! Number Whiz. Movie Buff. Strong google-fu. GGMU. Rahmaniac. Despises carrying cash.
Sunil Kumar Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar
Software Lead
Python and Ruby rockstar. Claims his hometown is the best in the world. Half apple, half not he is currently learning SICP.
Lishoy Bhaskar Lishoy Bhaskar
Lishoy Bhaskar
VP - Customer Acquisition
Self-driven and high-spirited, takes up challenges heads-on. Loves archery, cycling and enjoys the occassional jog. Appreciates the fine flavours of a home-cooked meal.
Manoj Shenoy Manoj Shenoy
manoj shenoy
Sr.Devops Engineer
A full time SysAdmin with a passion for table tennis settled in FortKochi the town of celebrations
Anoop Mukndan Anoop Mukndan
Anoop Mukundan
Software Developer - Windows
Proficient in C# , XAML, Visual Studio and Expression Blend he's building the Chillr for Windows app. People's person.
Thomas Shine Thomas Shine
Thomas Shine
Design Lead
Our creative genius responsible for UI/UX. He's also a martial arts trainer and a yoga teacher!
Joel Joseph Joel Joseph
Joel Joseph
Sr.Backend Developer
A passionate rubyist, with a soft corner for javascript. Someone who would love to see ruby interpreter integrated to browsers someday. Off-work, I am an amateur basketball player and a fitness lover.
Deepak Kumar Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar
Sr.Backend Developer
Rubyist, Javascripter, loves working on web technologies, organizer @keralarb, Passive blogger.
Abid Aboobaker Abid Aboobaker
Abid Aboobaker
Experience Architect
An ideapreneur. Passionate about startups and open source. Literature Buff. Gourmet. Hodophile. Graduated in #Imagineering.
Jubin Shaju Jubin Shaju
Jubin Shaju
Sr.Manager - Human Resources
Voracious reader, lover of Indian fiction. Huge Arsenal fan, COYG! Enjoys traveling and photography. Bartender. Big time foodie. A Bombay Mallu.
Sajan Antony Sajan Antony
Sajan Antony
IOS Developer
Passionate iOS developer, loves sports and movies, addicted to riding.
Mohammed Akram Mohammed Akram
Mohammed Akram
Manager - Customer Acquisition
Passionate about Startups and Technology, Bibliophile, History aficionado, Red Devil(GGMU), Mad over Music and Movies!!
Vivian Gomez Vivian Gomez
Vivian Gomez
Manager - Customer Acquisition
A highly focussed hyper-maniac with a thirst for success. Logical Think-box with whacky ideas. A true lover of the road with a constant need for speed
Neelima Tanikella Neelima Tanikella
Neelima Tanikella
Project Manager - Engineering
Loves travelling and experimenting new cuisine. Committed to delivering a quality product to the customers.
AbhiramiRs AbhiramiRs
Abhirami R.S
Customer Engagement Executive
Known to experiment new things, is also a well-trained dancer and musician.